Ayşe Durakbaşa

Ayşe Nilüfer Durakbaşa, PhD MA BA, ist im Wintersemester 2017/18 Käthe-Leichter-Gastprofessorin für Frauen und Geschlechterforschung an der Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät am Institut für Geschichte der Universität Wien.

Ayşe Durakbaşa is experienced in working with and in Women’s NGOs; she has prepared and taught various courses in the area of gender and women’s studies in the university curriculum and lectured to a wide range of women‘s public. She has worked as a feminist academic and as a NGO volunteer in various women’s NGOs; most importantly as an active member of the Foundation of Women’s Library and Documentation Center, (Kadın Eserleri Kütüphanesi ve Bilgi Merkezi Vakfı) Istanbul for 10 years.

1993, PhD degree in Sociology, University of Essex, U.K. with the Docto­ ral Thesis „Reappraisal of Halide Edib for a Critique of Turkish Moderniz­ ation“. Since 1986, Member of Faculty in the State Universities. 1986–93, Research Assistant at the Mimar Sinan University. 1993–98, Assistant Professor at the Mimar Sinan University. 1998–2002, Doçent (Associate Professor) at the Mimar Sinan University. 2003–09, Professor at the Muğla University. 2009–16, Professor at the Marmara University. June 2010 – June 2016 (for 2 terms), Chairperson of Sociology Department, Marmara University. Durakbasa is member of the European Association of Sociology, the Sosyoloji Mezunları Derneği (Association of Sociology Graduates), İstanbul, and the Sosyoloji Derneği (Turkish Sociological Association), Ankara. December 2016; Retirement.

Research interests:

Sociology of gender; feminist theory and methodology; women’s studies. In general, her more recent research focuses on social strati­ fication (social inequality), citizenship, and social history. 

Gastprof. Dr. Ayşe Durakbaşa hält ihre Käthe-Leichter-Vorlesung am Dienstag, den 7. November 2017 um 18:30 im Kleinen Festsaal der Universität Wien zum Thema "Historical Insights into the Women's Agenda in Turkey from a Feminist Perspective".

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