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The Board of Gender Studies is an expert body representing the Faculties of Historical-Cultural and Philological-Cultural Sciences of the University of Vienna, consisting of members of all three Kurien (representative organs of ordinary/full professors, other academic staff and students). The Board is chaired by Professor Marion Meyer (Institute of Classical Archaeology; Deputy: Prof. Johanna Laakso, Finno-Ugric Studies).

The main functions of the Board are

  1. Coordinating the Käthe Leichter Visiting Professorship: Choosing the host institute for each academic semester (alternating between the two Faculties of cultural sciences) and ranking the applications in cooperation with the host institute.
  2. Ranking the applications for lectures to be funded with the resources specifically allocated for gender studies in these two Faculties. (The applications are collected by the Centre for Gender Studies, and the funding is allocated by an all-university organ led by Vice-Rector Schnabl. For more information see the German-language page.)
Board of Women’s and Gender Studies
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